Charles Stiven, Werke zur Zeit in der Galerie

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Charles Stiven, geboren 1960, lebt und arbeitet in Edinburgh (Schottland) wo er 1986 sein Studium am Edinburgh College of Art abgeschlossen hat. Seit 1992 hat er einen Lehrauftrag an der <<School of Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College. <<Über sein Werk sagt Charles Stiven: <<Each image is an amalgam of various components, some real, some imaginary. Enveloping these composition are tonal arrangements which are sometimes arrived at through premeditated thought and sometimes through the <<accident>> of charcoal and paper. Just as content, form and line can have psychological and emotional resonance, so too can materials and method. For me charcoal and conte pencil are not used to illustrate an idea. Rather, they are used in a way whereby they become an integral part of the idea. Ideas mirror personality, so does method.>> Charles Stivens Werke wurden an mehreren Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen in New York, Schottland und London gezeigt.